The Bloody Truth

Blood is much more than simply red fluid in human veins. Throughout history it has been defined diversely by theologians, medics, satirists and dramatists, for whom blood was matter, text, waste, cure, soul, God, and the means by which relationships were defined, sacramentalised, and destroyed.

The Blood Project is beginning its life at Oxford with an interdisciplinary, international conference focused on the medieval and Renaissance periods, a range of performance events including a production of the Croxton Play of the Sacrament (view our 2014 performance below),  study sessions, a book collection, and a database.

The Blood Project offers unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship and methodological innovation across the humanities and sciences and between historical time frames. It will offer a major contribution to the development of medical humanities research. .

We published a report on The Blood Conference in the Society for Renaissance Studies' Bulletin of April 2014

We published a report on The Blood Conference in the Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies in April 2014


Sponsored by Wellcome TrustThe Society for Renaissance Studies, The John Fell Fund, Green Templeton College, The Faculty of English at Oxford University.

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