Laurie Maguire

(Conference Convener, Project Co-ordinator)

Laurie Maguire’s interests in drama, and in the crossover between literature and medicine, are wide ranging. She is Tutor and Fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford and University Professor in the Faculty of English at Oxford. Her books include Shakespeare’s Names, Helen of Troy, and Where There’s a Will There’s a Way.


Bonnie Lander Johnson

(Conference Convener, Book Editor, Project Co-ordinator)

Bonnie completed her DPhil at Oxford. Her interests in blood and early modern literature, drama, and culture include questions of genre’s effect on the blood and the role of the theatre space in England’s physiological and spiritual healthcare. She is Fellow and Lecturer at Selwyn College, Cambridge.

Ellie Decamp

Eleanor Decamp

(Conference Convener, Book Editor, Project Co-ordinator)

Eleanor Decamp completed her DPhil in English Literature at the University of Oxford where she studied representations of barbery and surgery in early modern literature and popular culture, especially drama. She is interested in blood-letting instruments, blood-collecting vessels, and early modern performances of phlebotomy.

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Micah Coston

(Executive Officer, The Blood Conference)

Micah most recently completed an MA in Shakespeare Studies from The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. He is a DPhil candidate in English Literature at the University of Oxford, researching astronomy in early modern drama.