Art Exhibition

Zachary Beer: Hellbox to Haem

Oxford, January 2014

A hellbox was the place where damaged type was placed when it was no longer useable. The paintings explore the percussion of printing presses over time as the nature of blood was investigated and revised until eventually the structure of Haemoglobin was elucidated. Each painting in this series ‘Hellbox to Haem’ has the structure of the Haem molecule at its centre, with small impressions of broken type and registration markings around it.

With degrees in fine art and molecular biology, Zachary Beer’s work explores the world of science and nature. He has shown at Christ’s College Cambridge, Kettle’s Yard Cambridge, The Outside World, Redchurch Street, The Royal Academy, and The School House Gallery. We are thrilled that Zach’s first pieces on blood will be shown at The Blood Conference, and we hope that conversations over the three days of the conference might inspire him to develop these early works into a series to be launched later in 2014.

To see more of Zachary’s work, visit his website.

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