Conference Speakers

Plenary addresses by:

Frances Dolan (UC Davis)

Dolan’s work on early modern literature and culture has covered Catholicism, gender, marriage, and evidential truth. Her current interest in agricultural specimens, particularly the turnip, is reflected in her work for The Blood Project, which examines the treatment of blood, sap, and wine in seventeenth-century English poetry and agricultural treatises. 

Patricia Parker (Stanford)

Holding professorships in both English and Dramatic Literature, and English and Comparative Literature, Parker’s work has shaped literary theory and cultural studies, especially in the areas of race, religion, gender, and Shakespeare. Her work for The Blood Project looks at wounds in Shakespeare, at bloody cloths, fidelity, and true and false signs.

Helen Barr (Oxford)

Helen Barr is Tutorial Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall and Faculty Lecturer in English at Oxford University. Her scholarship on Middle English Literature has focused on gender, class, and animals. Her current work on how texts—and the bodies that create them—re-emerge in later narratives, finds blood to be a crucial ‘carrier’ of intertextual meaning.

Elisabeth Dutton (Fribourg)

Elisabeth Dutton is University Professor at Frisbourg and a professional theatre director. Her work covers medieval drama, poetry, and mysticism. She is currently a director of the Early Drama at Oxford project. Her work for The Blood Project includes a staging of the Croxton Play of the Sacrament.